Where Global Fintech Opportunities Converge

Fintech Surge is well-placed to become the industry-defining platform for financial innovations. Given the phenomenal 30% compounded yearly growth of Fintech in the Middle East and rapid uptake of technology in the sector, Fintech companies in the Middle East are said to reap the most.

Why Attend?

  • Dubai Crown Prince launched $100 million venture capital fund in 2022 to bolster startups and entrepreneurs
  • Fintech startups in the UAE scaled to a year-on-year record high in 2021:
  • 550% growth of funding deployed into Fintech startups
  • 56% growth in number of Fintech startup deals closed
  • Fintech accounted for 21% of all VC deals and 31% of all venture capital deployed into startups
  • 24% of Fintechs in the region are based in the UAE
  • The value of Fintech marketing in MENA is estimated to reach $3.45 billion by 2026.
  • In the first quarter of 2022 alone, Fintech Venture Investment funding reached $999 million.
Forbes, citing a report from the research firm Market Data Forcast Magnitt, Fintech Q1 2022 Venture Investment Report

Why Fintech Surge?

Fintech Surge will cover significant gaps in current local and regional events, to position itself as the go-to Fintech sourcing, and networking platform in the region.

Delivering trending and cutting-edge topics, dedicated training sessions, innovation competitions and personalized networking opportunities

Fintech Surge will host the world’s Fintech regulators, investors, banks, associations, and provide world-class insight and business opportunities for the entire fintech community.

Fintech Surge will highlight the latest tech innovations, products, and regulations that will lead to the transformation of the Banking and Financial services sectors.


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