Hosting a side event during the Expand North Star week?

Dive deeper into the experience by hosting your own side event during the Expand North Star week (13-16 October 2024). Whether you're looking to showcase your brand, connect with industry leaders, or engage with the tech community, hosting a side event during this dynamic week can amplify your impact and leave a lasting impression.

Side events - timeline

Listing Requirements:

  • Fill out the side event application form below
  • Ensure the Expand North Star logo is displayed alongside your company logo in all communications related to your side event as well as information about Expand North Star at Dubai Harbour (including a tracked registration link).
  • Send out 1 dedicated email advertising the 20% discount for Expand North Star Event Delegate Passes.
  • Print at least 1 physical banner for the side event using graphics from the Expand North Star media kit.
  • Send a minimum of 5 photographs on the day of the event
  • Within 5 working days of the side event, provide feedback on the number of attendees, and a quote from the organizer about the benefits of hosting the event during the Expand North Star Event.

Benefits of listing your side event:

  • Your event listed on all Dubai Harbour show websites
  • Direct link from our websites to your event registration link
  • 20% discount for all your attendees for the Expand North Star Delegate Pass

 Premium Listing (fees applicable):

Opt for the “Premium Listing” option in the form below to receive additional marketing exposure including:

  • Featured Listing on the page
  • 1 social media post pre-show advertising your side event including link to your registration link (creative to be supplied by event host and subject to approval by Expand North Star marketing team)
  • 1 non-exclusive listing in our event newsletter pre-show to registered attendees with a direct link to your event listing
  • 1 social media post during show days with images from your event
  • Physical on-site pop-up banner/advertising space

Important Information:

  • We do not offer applicants venue or conference facilities.
  • The side event host is responsible for the organisation of their side event.
  • Expand North Star is not responsible for the payment or organisation of side events or any associated conference fees.
  • We'll provide you with a media kit including Dubai Harbour Event logos, an official side event banner, and social media posts.
  • Check out our terms and conditions and set-up guidelines in our comprehensive guide

Fill the form to list your side event

GST+4 Time Zone
Please provide the address and/or venue of your event
Link to the address of the event
If this hasn't been created yet, please fill in: 'TBC'
What's the maximum number of attendees for your event?
Choose "yes" to learn about the package
Submitter's details
with country code
For e.g., community partner, email, sales team, website


  • Side events give you a chance to grow your brand and network with conference attendees and the local tech community.

  • Priority dates are October 13 to 16, 2024, but other dates and times will be considered.

  • All side events must target an audience of 18+ and 21+ if alcohol is served.

  • Expand North Star does not guarantee registration numbers.

  • Expand North Star does not facilitate direct introductions to speakers.

  • Single events per host are prioritized.

  • Hosts are responsible for all aspects of their event.

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