Fintech Tuesdays

Fintech Surge X Fintech Tuesdays: Uniting MENA's Fintech Startups for Innovation

About Fintech Tuesdays


Fintech Tuesdays (FTT) is a grassroots community, the first of its type in the MENA region, focussed on supporting the fintech & techfin startups in the region. We are currently present in the UAE with a clear intent to expand across the key nations in the region. Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for fintech innovation in the region. Our Mission is to inspire, unite and build the region’s most impactful FinTech community by fostering collaboration, driving inclusivity and providing access to capital.

Establish an Inviting Community Within The Fintech Tuesday Zone


Fintech Surge is bringing one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive networking lounge powered by Fintech Tuesdays encouraging authentic interactions between hundreds of renowned speakers and Fintech experts.
Fintech Surge and Fintech Tuesdays joining forces is a testament to the UAE's commitment to pioneering fintech solutions at the grassroots level. Together, they bridge the gap between global ambition and local brilliance

What’s happened at the FTT Lounge?

The FTT lounge was a special exclusive space created within the Fintech Surge Exhibition for the members of Fintech Tuesdays with the intend to have smaller group discussions on key fintech topics, allow for meaningful networking for the community and have bite-size talks & panels on topics which are front of mind of the fintech community.    

  • Building and growing an open, inclusive and connected community 
  • Enabling and Supporting Fintechs – Early Stage to Exits
  • Strengthening Incumbent (FIs and Corporates) and Fintech Collaboration
  • Building bridges across new technologies shaping the future of financial services/ fintech 
  • Upskilling and Reskilling the Workforce including creating a healthy and vibrant workforce
  • Achieving greater diversity in Fintech including greater representation of women in Fintech
  • Play a role of an advocate for the Fintech Community across the stakeholder groups involved in shaping the ecosystem