Expand North Star 2024 - Side Events Host Guide

About Side Events

Host an event in affiliation with Expand North Star 2024 between October 13 to 16 2024 in various locations across Dubai.

Approved side events will be promoted on the Expand North Star 2024 event webpage and to attendees through various Expand North Star channels. As the host, you manage registration, promotion, operations, insurance, or any associated costs for your side event.

All side events must target an audience of 18+. Events serving alcohol must be 21+.

Side event submission applications will be accepted until September 20 at 11:59pm local time.

Expand North Star does not guarantee any overlaps between side events, Expand North Star hosted-events, and paid sponsored events. Expand North Star reserves the right to remove approved side events at its own discretion and for any reason.

Not all applications will be approved. Approved side events will be promoted under the side events marquee.

Application Timeline

  • July 12: Applications open
  • August 12 - September 14: Application approvals/rejections sent each friday
  • September 20: Applications close
  • September 21: Final application approvals/rejections sent
  • September 25: Side events promoted by Expand North Star on event website
  • September 25 - October 13: Side events promoted by Expand North Star through various channels


  • What are Expand North Star side events?
    • Side events give you a chance to grow your brand and network with conference attendees and the local tech community.
  • Are there specific dates & times for side events?
    • Priority dates are October 13 to 16, 2024, but other dates and times will be considered.
  • Are there age restrictions for Side Events?
    • All side events must target an audience of 18+ and 21+ if alcohol is served.
  • How do I know how many people will show up?
    • Expand North Star does not guarantee registration numbers.
  • Can you introduce me to an Expand North Star speaker for my event?
    • Expand North Star does not facilitate direct introductions to speakers.
  • Can I host more than one event?
    • Single events per host are prioritized.
  • If I host an event, what am I responsible for?
    • Hosts are responsible for all aspects of their event.
  • I have more questions, who should I contact?

How to Plan an Event & More Detailed Side Event Info:

  • Solidify the Type of Event You Want to Host
    • Examples: Happy Hour/Meetup, Branded Experience/Activity, Speaker Panel, Hackathon, Mini-Career Fair
  • Solidify the Goals for Your Event
    • Explore why you're hosting this event and what ROI you hope to achieve.
  • Create Your Budget
    • Consider all costs associated with your event.
  • Decide on Attendance Goals & Plan for Attrition
    • Plan for how many people you want to host and consider attrition rates.
  • Free or Paid Admission?
    • Decide whether to charge admission fees.
  • Make Sure You Have Proper Insurance Coverage
    • Ensure you have proper insurance coverage for your event.
  • Plan for Security & Medical Emergencies
    • Have a plan for security and medical emergencies.
  • Plan for How to Manage Attendees
    • Determine how you'll manage and communicate with attendees.
  • Develop a Code of Conduct for Your Event
    • Establish a code of conduct for your event.


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