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Fintech Surge 2023

Pakistan Fintech Network is the licensed national-level Fintech network and the vision & mission PFN is carrying is to have a fully digital Financial Ecosystem in Pakistan. PFN believes in to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, CREATE and CATALYZE together for the development and growth of the industry with Policy Makers/Regulators/Fintech Companies

Currently PFN has 70 members on board. The diversity in the membership opens more opportunities for creating synergies resulting in bringing efficiencies and achieving value through a Network Effect. The Network follows core thematic areas – Knowledge Management, Information Exchange & Idea Hub, and Enabling Environment. Under the thematic areas we will focus following areas: -

  1. Policy Advocacy
  2. Digital Financial Inclusion
  3. Collaboration.

Collaboration between our members organizations to create synergies and provide them a pathway in the international Market and assisting the international companies to collaborate in Pakistan.

To bring best practices to Pakistan's fintech landscape through international collaboration with fintech associations around the world,  aims to bring successful practices in Pakistan. PFN has formed a collaboration with MENA fintech association& Dubai World Trade Centre (Fintech Surge 2023) where PFN aim is to create Pakistan Pavilion to promote Pakistan’s startups to show case their product and services in the Middle east region.

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