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Fintech Surge 2023
Ranjith K Shyamaladas

Ranjith K Shyamaladas

Founder & CEO, ModaPay

Ranjith K Shyamaladas, the avant-garde Founder & CEO of BIO-IDZ Technologies Limited and MODAPay. With over 25 years of expertise in IT, Financial Technologies, and Identity solutions, Ranjith is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. His unshakable belief in the power of tech innovation stems from his roots in software engineering. Under his visionary leadership, his organizations have become pioneers in seamlessly merging payments, identity management, and fashion.
Ranjith's entrepreneurial journey showcases his unwavering pursuit of groundbreaking opportunities at the crossroads of tech and business. His wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to innovation propel BIO-IDZ & MODAPay to the forefront of their industries. This reflects his dedication to revolutionizing the way we navigate payments, identity, and fashion in the digital era. Join him at the summit for a glimpse into the future of these dynamic sectors