N.S Nanda Kishore

N.S Nanda Kishore

Director & CEO, Novac Technology Solutions

As the CEO of Novac Technology Solutions, Nanda Kishore, plays a pivotal role in guiding the company's mission to empower businesses to transform their technology models.

 His professional journey started as an Executive Trainee at Shriram Group, a $ 22 billion Financial services conglomerate in India. Shriram Group is a significant player in Financial Services, Life Insurance, General Insurance, and Wealth Management.  He grew up to the rank of a CTO, and in his role as the CTO, he drove the group-wide technology initiatives, including Software Application Management, I.T. Infrastructure, Data Centres, DR and BCP, Call Centres, Customer Services Desk, and also the Business Process Re-engineering initiatives. He works to ensure the company journeys in a sustainable strategic direction.

 With a career spanning 28 years, from an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate to his current role, he brings his wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of technology and the financial sector to the forefront.

His leadership philosophy is centered on driving technology and digital transformation to provide customer delight. His insights into the financial sector and cutting-edge technology allow him to offer strategic guidance that enables businesses to embrace innovation and provide a pathway for sustainable growth in the digital age.