Nosaibah Alrajhi

Nosaibah Alrajhi

CEO & Board Member, Forus Investment

Nosaibah is an investment banker and digital innovator, with a true passion for corporate innovation and digital adoption. She has over 10+ years’ experience building and leading high performing teams to solve real world problems through technology and human centered design.

Nosaibah leads one of the largest Financial Technology Companies in Saudi Arabia, with a mission to re-define financial well-being for small and medium businesses. As the trail blazer within the banking and fintech industry, Nosaibah founded the first female-led alternative debt-centric and licensed Fintech in Saudi Arabia. Her goal is to cut through the noise to unlock the potential and true value of new technology for customers and the organization.

Nosaibah is a champion of the concept of the future of value and its global adoption, particularly smart economies, new channels, governance of future business models and the role of finance and data, particularly how this will create new value for organizations, along with the critical balance of flexibility, scalability, interoperability, sustainability, and privacy.

Nosaibah has worked across all aspects of an organization from Investment Banking, Securities, Leading Digital Strategy, active board roles and Open Banking Strategies, Digital Operating Models, Change and Agile Delivery, through to building and launching Companies at scale with mass market adoption. She is a global keynote speaker and plays a leading role in standards across the globe from Future Investment Initiative FII to Saudi Central Bank regulations.

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