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Fintech Surge 2023
Miroslav Polzer

Miroslav Polzer

Strategic Director - Climate Chain Coalition, Founder & CEO - IAAI GloCha & DigitalArt4Climate Coordinator
Miroslav Polzer is a global governance entrepreneur.  Convinced that the delivery of goods and services in support of local and global public good - especially effective climate action - is the biggest economic opportunity in human history, Miroslav Polzer works with scientists, UN organizations, blockchain experts, youth networks et al. on new conceptual frameworks (social innovation) as well as technological and institutional innovation for multi-stakeholder climate action coordination and incentivization. With his UN accredited civil society organization IAAI he is building the Global Challenges Action empowerment partnership/ecosystem GloCha, which is built on the three pillars of culture, technology and organizational innovation. In his role as strategic director of the Climate Chain Coalition, which is the world’s first and biggest network of Web3 solution providers for climate action empowerment, he is playing a key role in mobilizing the global digital innovation community in the run-up to the UN Climate Conference COP28, which is going to take place at EXPO City Dubai.