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Fintech Surge 2023
Lina Hediah

Lina Hediah


Lina has enjoyed years of immersion in innovation and has witnessed firsthand the transformative and enabling power of technology when put to good use. With years of experience in financial technology, she continues to be driven and inspired by the ever-evolving landscape. Having invested time in capital markets, payments, and compliance solutions, she is excited to be witnessing the present phase of evolution made possible by web3 and AI innovation.

Lina's experience includes years as the Stock Exchange CTO, followed by a CTO role for the SWIFT partner in the Middle East, and later sharpening her experience in the blockchain world as President of ConsenSys MENA based out of Dubai.

She is proud at present to be leading CXDA Markets, the Go-to Platform for access to finance solutions focused on channeling liquidity and growth capital to SMBs, and digital platforms in the Middle East and Africa. With a half a trillion dollars opportunity ahead, the excitement to make things happen – and happen quickly in this space – is at an all-time high.