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Fintech Surge 2023
Latifa AlGurg

Latifa AlGurg

Founder & Creative Director, Twisted Roots
United Arab Emirates

Latifa AlGurg was born in Dubai in 1981 to an Emirati Father and Danish Mother. From an early age, she grew up with a talented family who were heavily involved in the construction and architectural design field. This allowed Latifa to attain a great eye for detail, structure and clean lines. She then went to acquire a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the American University of Sharjah in 2002 and pursued a long career in construction alongside her father, a civil engineer himself. Her passion for design came to fruition after she identified a gap in the market for high quality, contemporary clothing for travel and decided to create her own brand, which she named Twisted Roots. The appreciation for structure and lines, which she saw in construction and architecture, she then applied into fashion where she found many similarities. Her collections portrayed this through clean silhouettes, top quality fabrics and layering. The name ‘Twisted Roots’ came to be through her passion for travel and realizing that although people are different in terms of culture and the environment they live in, they are all yet the same and stem from the same foundation. ‘Twisted Roots’ identified how different cultures and people are brought together and intertwined.  Along her journey to establish Twisted Roots, she recognized a lack of both quality manufacturers and raw material suppliers in the UAE, and so she took it upon herself to rectify this by establishing her own manufacturing unit and investing in establishing relationships with raw material suppliers all over the world. Twisted Roots evolved into more than a brand.  It became a place where designers could come and realize their dreams through a variety of services such as, pattern making, fabric sourcing, sampling and manufacturing services. During this time, Twisted Roots won the design competition for the volunteer uniforms for EXPO2020 Dubai, which were realized during the event, and are a large source of pride for the brand.  The COVID-19 pandemic, provided for a time for reflection, where the business shifted yet again. Latifa found herself passionately delving into coaching and consulting both design and fashion brands to help them realize their visions and grow their businesses into ones that are consistent, reliable and sustainable business-wise.  The coaching-consulting model provides a holistic view of the business and identifies each brands individual needs. Alongside this, Latifa is known to be a rising entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She is passionate about supporting the burgeoning design industry in the UAE.