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Fintech Surge 2023
Kartik Taneja

Kartik Taneja

Chairman of the Board, NeoPay, Mashreq
Kartik has led large and complex businesses in the cards, payments and lending space. He is currently the regional head for payments at Mashreq bank. His previous assignment was to lead the global product function for credit cards and personal loans at Standard Chartered. In this role, he drove strategy and multi-market product engineering and business initiatives across 24 Asian and African markets. Prior to this, Kartik led the regional cards and loans business at Standard Chartered for the ASEAN region and has held GM roles in multiple markets prior to that. Kartik credits his success to his exposure to multiple verticals besides P&L Management- such as Analytics, Risk Management, Marketing and Sales. He is passionate about taking measured risks based on insights on how customers are evolving in their tastes and needs to create new products and services that enable serving these profitably. Some highlights include designing digitally optimized products, servicing and portfolio managing digitally and experimenting with new lending form factors. He launched all major international and domestic wallets in payments. Managed large payment deals like Singtel, Reliance Jio. Technology upgrade of e-commerce capability and rewards across all markets. The bank’s first open APIs in the rewards space. Global uplift of customer engagement through analytics and partnerships (notably Uber, Grab, Amazon, Apple).