Justine  Dampt

Justine Dampt

Founder, Shake Your Plants

Justine Dampt is a twice exit founder in the plant-based industry. She started her 15 years entrepreneurial experience in 2009. Her passion for nutrition, and personal wellness led her to found ENCAS in 2017, a startup creating and distributing Vegan, Gluten-free and “Better for you” food alternatives. ENCAS was acquired in January 2020 and became EAT BETTER Foods.

Always driven by the ambition to democratize plant-based living, Justine created ShakeYourPlants (SYP) in June 2022 after 18 months of research and development. SYP products elevate the water you drink everyday into functional drinks. Made with 99% less carbon and 99% less plastic than conventional liquid drinks, SYP follows a conscious production model and encourages conscious consumption. SYP has offices in Dubai and London. Justine is currently growing SYP as a co-founder and CEO.