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Fintech Surge 2023
Golnoush Golshirazi

Golnoush Golshirazi

Co-Founder & CEO, Screen Me

Dr Golnoush Golshirazi, named one of top 100 change makers in the UK, is a Cambridge graduate, scientist and entrepreneur who advocates for women’s equality within the healthcare system. Upon completing her PhD and using her own experience as a woman in the healthcare system; Dr Golshirazi went on to establish ScreenMe, where she has used her expertise, experience and passion to revolutionise women’s general, intimate and reproductive health. She believes that through educating women about their own bodies, providing specific advice and testing, and giving continuous support, we can help women to take charge of their health, reduce risk of disease and improve societal health care outcomes for generations to come. An area this is particularly relevant to, is the vaginal microbiome; a major gateways to female health and wellness through disease prevention, reduced risk of infection, fertility, improved health in children and so much more. Golnoush believes that the most efficient way to improve the health of a society is through investment in the health of women.

ScreenMe focuses on providing access to cutting edge screening services for both the male and female reproductive microbiomes, providing tailored holistic solutions for the individual and creating a platform where women are empowered through education!