NEWCO in the Pipeline: Robinhood and Vanguard disruptor on international scale

Niuton AI Hall: Hall 7 Stand: H7-C37
Ask yourself: How many of your friends, do really, make money on the stock market? How many people find mutual funds engaging? The opportunity: 1. People desire long-term value creation not present. 2. Users crave engaging UX/UI not found. TAM is 50 millon+ users.  Niuton's patentable technology enables users to navigate the market safely with an engaging UX/UI.  This is done through the delivery of digital co-pilots that does all decision-making, rebalancing, and risk management. Niuton equips each user with their own unique digital co-pilot. Users can instruct the co-pilot to their wish and likings through an engaging UX/UI. The technology behind is proven, used by professionals, and developed with over 15,000+ hours of PhD level people.  Our natural target and competitors long-term are Robinhoods and the Vanguards of the world.  Niuton will deliver a seismic shift in the asset and wealth management world, which will radically change the landscape.
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